SIP: 25

 Layer: Core

 Title: Certified Asset

 Author: Brian Burrell 

 Comments-Summary: No comments yet.


 Status: Final

 Type: Standards Track

 Created: 2019-01-26

 Asset: PD

This SIP defines a new transaction called a "Asset". A asset is derived from an already established certificate.

An asset contains a title of up to 135 characters, an coin address of the creator, a parent chain certificate hash, and a data payload.

Asset transaction initially cost around 8 SHC and goes down over time.

An asset will include the geodetic location of the node which generated the transaction unless the node is configured otherwise.

Assets provide a method to attach auxiliary information to a certificate. The asset may itself be a reference (such as a barcode) or contain authority/proprietary information by itself. Up to 4095 characters may be used for the payload.

An asset will expire when the underlying certificate expires (which is after 48 years).

This document is placed in the public domain.