SIP: 5

 Layer: Core

 Title: Certificate (Extended Transaction)

 Author: Brian Burrell 

 Comments-Summary: No comments yet.


 Status: Final

 Type: Standards Track

 Created: 2019-01-26

 License: PD

This SIP defines a new transaction called the "Certificate Extended Transaction". This extended transaction is used in order to generate certification certificates which contain digital signatures referencing their previous chain (parent) transaction. A root-level certificate will have no previous certificate in the chain.

A certificate contains a title of up to 135 characters, an coin address of the creator, an optional parent chain certificate hash, and an optional fee.

Certificates cost about 6.5 SHC and go down in cost over time.

A certificate will include the geodetic location of the node which generated the transaction unless the node is configured otherwise.

A certificate is signed against the creator's coin address.

A certificate may be flagged to allow derivatives to be created from itself.

Reserved Use
The certificate extended transaction is modelled in a manner as to be compatible with generic digital certificate chains.

Additional extensions may be provided at a later date which affect the version, type, and flag variables.

This document is placed in the public domain.