SIP: 6

 Layer: Core

 Title: Coin Address Alias (Extended Transaction)

 Author: Brian Burrell 

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 Status: Final

 Type: Informational

 Created: 2018-12-29

 License: PD

This document introduces the ability to associate a string based label which references a ShionCoin coin address.

Having a string based alias for a ShionCoin coin address provides a means to supply a human-digestable label to what is otherwise an arbitrary code.

Public entities, such as a store-front, can assign a label to an address in order to broadcast a receiving address and/or provide other facilities that can be associated with a coin address.

The coin alias functionality is utilized by a shioncoin node by providing a means to replace references to a coin address with a alias name prepended by an ampersand (@).

The alias extended transaction structure is an extension of the "Ident" certificate structure. The alias transaction provides a label of up to 135 characters which references a ShionCoin coin address.

The alias is defined as having a "type" which indicates what type of coin address is being referenced.

An coin address alias can be created, update, and removed. Each alias has a life-span of 12 years past when it was created or the last time it was updated.

For example, sending funds to another address:

wallet.send bank @AliasName 5.5

This document is placed in the public domain.