SIP: 8

 Layer: Core

 Title: Ident (Extended Transaction)

 Author: Brian Burrell 

 Comments-Summary: No comments yet.


 Status: Final

 Type: Standards Track

 Created: 2018-12-29

 License: PD

This SIP defines a new "Ident" extended transaction.

The ident extended transaction is used in order to certify the originating sender of funds or other auxilliary information.

The ident extended transaction is intended to provide a method for third-party application to verify the originating identify of funds being sent.

In addition, the transaction may be used in order to "stamp" auxiliary information onto the block-chain. This can include general information or something more specialized like a geodetic address.

The Certification of a transaction is performed by creating chains of extended transactions which utilize an "Ident" structure or a "Certificate" structure (see below).

Several other extended transactions utilize the "Ident" or "Certificate" extended transaction structure as a base.

The "Ident" extended structure consists of the following;

	/* A geodetic location. */

	shgeo_t geo;

	/* A coin address key. */

	cbuff vAddr;

	/* A mode indicator. */

	unsigned int nType;


A "Certified Funds Transfer" is comprised of a regular fund send transaction with the addition of a "Ident" extended transaction.

The ident extended transaction optionally tracks the geodetic location of the originating node server, and a payload of textual information up to 135 characters.

An ident transaction can specify a geodetic location by using the format "geo:latitude,longitude" where latitude and longitude are in decimal degrees format.

See SIP21 for additional usage of ident extended transactions utilizing geodetic locations.

This document is placed in the public domain.