Mar 2015

ShareCoin Currency Specifications

  • Algorithm: Scrypt PoW
  • Total Coins: 500,000,794
  • Initial Block Value: 800 SHC
  • Reward Reduction Method: Block Halving
  • Block Target Time: 60 seconds
  • Difficulty Re-targeting: KGW
  • RPC Port: 9447
  • P2P Port: 24104

ShareCoin (SHC) is a virtual currency capable of quick fund transfer and extended transactions that provide additional usefulness than fund transfers alone.

The sharecoin virtual currency utilizes scrypt-based proofing with a block reward-span of half a billion coins over the course of 40 years. Any litecoin (LTC) scrypt compatible miner device can be used. The currency has a one-minute confirmation time (block difficulty), and a minimum fund transfer fee of 0.00001 SHC.

Extended transactions provide capabilities such as named public aliases for coin addresses, contextual information, geodetic tagging, certificate licensing, and smart-contract execution.

Additional frame-work has been put into place in order to introduce additional extended transactions over time. Extended transactions are versioned in order to allow additional extensibility if warranted.

The extended transactions are designed to be compatible with the libshare runtime library; such as authorizing features in software through certificates purchased on the SHC block-chain, identity attributes, and contextual information databases.

ShareCoin v3.1 Phase I "Dahlia" (January 2018)

  • Public release.
  • Matrix extended transactions for block-chain integrity verification.
  • Spring matrix support for geodetic based rewards.
  • Extended transaction support for context, certification, and address aliases.

ShareCoin v3.2 Phase II "Iris" (January 2019)

  • Colored coin alternate block-chains.
  • Offer extended transactions for decentralized coin exchange.
  • Certified Asset extended transaction.
  • Notarized validation transactions.
  • BIP68 (sequence locks) consensus ends.
  • Testnet support for smart-contract "SEXE" executable classes.
  • Testnet segwit consensus period begins.
  • ARM64 (aarch64) compiler support [for raspberry PI].

ShareCoin v3.3 Phase III "Acacia" (January 2020)

  • Public release of smart-contract "SEXE" executable classes.
  • BOLO: External blockchain notorized transactions.
  • Dynamic Blockchain Parameters
  • Sharecoin segwit consensus period starts.
  • Testnet segwit consensus period ends.

Current BIP/SIP Specification Capabilities