Mar 2015
ShareCoin (SHC) is a virtual currency capable of quick funds transfers and extended transactions that provide additional usefulness than funds transfer alone.

The sharecoin virtual currency utilizes scrypt-based proofing with a block reward-span of 1 billions coins over the course of 40 years. Any lite-coin compatible miner device can be used. The currency has a one-minute confirmation time (block difficulty), and a minimum fund transfer fee of 0.0001 SHC.

Extended capabilities include named aliases for coin addresses, contextual information, geodetic tagging, and certificate licensing.

Additional frame-work has been put into place in order to introduce additional extended transactions over time such as off-chain channel transactions, HD key hierarchy, and a decentralized exchanging of coins between currencies.

The extended transactions are designed to be compatible with the libshare runtime library; such as authorizing features in software through certificates purchased on the SHC block-chain, identity attributes, and contextual information databases.